Sunday, 8 November 2009

Dialog Mapping

This model is a 'dialog', developed by a team in a workshop. It illustrates a decision tree for how a company can move into new markets. The methodology is called Dialog Mapping and was popularised in the book: Dialogue Mapping - Bulding Shared Understanding of Wicked Problems, by Jeff Conklin   (We recommend it) The model is illustrative only.

Southbeach|MyCreativity rules have been added to the model, and which can be used with any model. The generated output can be used to guide workshop practice. Look at the hierarchical 'creativity library' on the left. The Dialog Mapping tool is organized into a number of categories, e.g.

- 3questions
- assessment
- background
- conceptual ... (left Creativity panel).

The user is able to check or uncheck (enable/disable) any set of questions to create combinations of generated output. In this case, '3questions' and 'pros and cons' are enabled, generating 12 lines of output having clicked on the agent "We could modify existing products"

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