Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Rep Rap and 3D Printing

Southbeach is often used as a visual notebook for ideas linked to Web resources. Here, a YouTube video is linked to a model of the idea of self-reproducing 3D Printing. Note how agent types (right mouse on any agent) have been used to clarify different parts of the model - idea, function, thing, etc. In addition, effects have been used to clarify the relationships between these agents. For example, while a 3D Printer can 'create' parts for a new 3D Printer, it can only do so for some parts (insufficient) and these only 'contribute' (never completely fulfil -  yet) all the requirements for making a new 3D Printer!

Also note how some 'creativity' from the field of marketing is used to ask questions about 3D Printers. Southbeach is a highly effective way of managing knowlege of solutions and ideas, and providing these in a form that can be shared, modified, updated, extended and analysed.

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