Sunday, 19 September 2010

TRIZ 9boxes example for Sales Model

This model used the Southbeach 'grid' object to create a TRIZ 9boxes diagram. It shows past, present and future for the system, supersystem and subsystems. (It was developed based on an example in Darrell Mann's book "Systematic Innovation", page 64, Figure 4.2.)

It shows how relationships can be modelled across the grid between elements.

The line of output in the lower windows illustrates the use of a MyCreativity rule to generate questions directly from the model, in this case, the contradiction at 'market trends'. Clicking anywhere on the model generates different output depending on which rules fire. The rules can refer to the dimensions of the grid (past, present, system, super-system etc) so that different suggestions can be generated for different time and structure based relationships.

For those interested in how the output was generated, it used a rule that is part of a contradiction rule set as follows:

produces(&a=@present+@supersystem, &b=harmful+@future) counteracts(&b, &c=useful+@future) "Explain how current {&a} can create future {&b} so as to jepardise future {&c}"
(Click on the screen shot image for higher resolution)

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